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Each new rule will be marked with a :new: emote instead of :bulletpink:

Hello everyone, and welcome to "HousekiNoNiwa"! ^^
This group is open to every DA artist who would like to share his/her own artworks. All what you have to do, is following these few, simple rules:

:bulletpink: You're allowed to share your works into the proper gallery folder.

:bulletpink: Screenshots and images which will result to have been scanned out of a comic (or just taken out of the web) and then recoloured, and/or written over, or manipulated in any other way won't be accepted.
Rather, if you try, they might be reported to DA admins for they are against DA rules. Hence, not even "demotivational posters" made with screenshots will be accepted.
Also, if you try to submit something which will appear to be a stolen image from a known artist, this will result in a permanent ban from our group, other than an immediate warning to the original artist him/herself via private ways.

:bulletpink: So-called "doll bases" won't be accepted, for the most of them have been obviously traced out of original images. We can accept them only if those bases will look completely done by you from scratch (bases with referenced poses are still acceptable. For further information, read ahead).

:bulletpink: Artworks which turn out to have been drawn by following an image as reference can be accepted, as long as you'll remember to credit the original artist and provide a link to the original work (when possible).

:bulletpink: If you'd like to submit a work which has been made with stock images, please be sure to credit the artist(s) and their original works.

:bulletpink: No explicit content allowed. We're trying to keep this group open to every DA artist, under18 included, so we admins will decide whether your work is acceptable in this way or not.

:bulletpink: Any kind of literature work (such as fan fictions, and/or prose/poetry in general) will be accepted too, as long as they follow the same rules of the other artworks we've been listing above.

:bulletpink: The new folder "Cosplay and Artisan Crafts" is for photos of people cosplaying as a fictional character and for works you crafted by yourselves (such as wooden sculptures, embroidery, etc...)

:new: Each member can submit five works a day at maximum. Which means, if you wished to submit more than five works, you'd have to wait at least 24 hours to submit from the sixth on.

:bulletpink: Remember to respect the other members, so no insults, "flame wars" nor trolling in here. These actions may result in a hiding your comments and/or a possible banning from the group.
If you've got an issue with any member for any reason, please set it privately. This group is like a public place, so no one would like to see two persons arguing over personal matters.

:bulletpink: If any banned member will ask to rejoin our group, we will take our decision after a careful consultation. However, any member banned a first time who will be caught harassing another member in any way, will be banned from the group forever.
Don't you think we will forget that easily who we've banned already and who not: we know how to keep track of this.

If you have any question about what may be considered as fanart/referenced image/etc..., just check this FAQ #572: What does DeviantArt consider "Fan Art" to be?
If anything is still not clear, you can send a private note either to CMOArcher, Sharky7, or directly to #HousekiNoNiwa:. We will answer you as soon as we can. :)





Hello darlings!

Long time not seen/spoken to. So sorry about that!
Life has been pretty hectic the last half year or so and it won't change any time soon. So I'm left with no other option than resigning as founder of this group, for my own sanity (or what little is left of it). Luckily the sweetheart that is :iconsharky7: has generously offered to take my place. And I know that the group is in more than capable hands with her.

Right now I've opted to linger about as co-founder for a bit. Just to wrap things up and put the dots on the I. Then I'm off and this acc (CMOArcher) will be deleted. I'm not pulling the vanishing act though, :iconsineaed: will be around. But chances of me replying there to messages within a week are slim, as well of it showing more activity than me logging in once in a while to check up on things. It's more there to stay in touch with my friends and keep track of the gorgeous art then anything really.

Keep on dreaming.
Keep on growing.
Never, ever stop!

Wishing you all the best,
CMOArcher (a.k.a. Sinǽd)
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